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Up until the pandemic hit, there was a distinct trend of homeowners electing to downsize when looking for a new home. Another unexpected consequence of the pandemic is that trend has reversed.  our spaces have now also become our remote office, private gym, school, and the backdrop of many Zoom meetings. So it’s no surprise to see that homeowners are incorporating home office spaces, soothing colour palettes 🎨, cozy character 🛋️, and quiet retreats into their remodelling plans.  Many sellers are moving out of the urban centers of the Lower Mainland and opting for more space that the Shuswap Real Estate affords.

Reallocate your Travel Budget

With travel options limited right now, more homeowners are turning their vacation budgets into staycation budgets. Essentially, recreate the resort experience at home—and enjoy it 365 days a year! Homebuilders are predicting the end of open-concept floor plans as more buyers are searching for multipurpose rooms with separation and privacy to work and school from home.

Whatever your goal, selling a 1,800 sq. ft. space in the heart of downtown, for a 3,500 sq. ft. split-level in the suburbs will take a concerted effort to find and may stretch your budget beyond it's max. Step one has always been, to assess the value of your home and have your REALTOR® assist finding any desired properties within your budget.

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